Error Glossary

Review all global errors for the checkdomain API so you can get back to work fast. Check out the Getting Started guide for more information on error handling.

Your request could not be processed.

This is a generic error.

The action requested was not valid for this resource.

This error is returned when you try to access an action that doesn’t exist. For example, /contacts/{contact}/name.

The resource submitted could not be validated.

This error says that the submitted object (within a POST or PATCH request) isn't valid against the JSON schema. You can refer to the field_warnings or field_errors objects in your response for error specification.

We encountered an unspecified JSON parsing error.

This error means that your JSON was formatted incorrectly or was considered invalid or incomplete.

Your request did not include an API key.

This error suggests that your API key was missing from your request, or that something was formatted or named improperly in your header. Learn more about authentication for checkdomain API .

Your API key may be invalid, or you’ve attempted to access the wrong data center.

Check that your API key was input correctly, and verify which data center to access. Learn more about authentication for checkdomain API .

You are not permitted to access this resource.

This is a generic error.

This account has been disabled.

The checkdomain account is deactivated. Contact our support team for further informations about the account status.

The requested resource could not be found.

This error tells you a specific resource doesn’t exist. It's possible that the resource has been moved or deleted, or that there's a typo in your request.

The requested method and resource are not compatible. See the Allow header for this resource's available methods.

This error means that the requested resource does not support the HTTP method you used. Find out which methods are allowed for each resource in the API Reference .

The sub-resource requested is nested too deeply.

This uncommon error appears if you've tried to generate a URL with too many resources.

You can only use the X-HTTP-Method-Override header with the POST method.

This error lets you know you’ve tried to override an incompatible method. The checkdomain API only permits method override with POST.

The fields requested from this resource are invalid.

This error suggests there is a typo in your field request or some other type of syntax error or problem that invalidates your request.

You have exceeded the limit of 10 simultaneous connections.

When you reach the connection limit, we’ll throttle server response. If any of your requests time out after you’ve reached the limit, those requests could still be considered open and continue to slow your connection. Contact the checkdomain API support team at if you think this is the case.

An unexpected internal error has occurred. Please contact Support for more information.

This error lets you know our servers have experienced a problem. Although this is rare, please contact to let us know that you’ve encountered this error.