How our notification system works

We wanted a really simple and powerful notification system to inform our API users about the latest state of their transactions and orders. We didn't want to make it complicated or even mandatory. It is an optional service!

Basically, if you want to know the current state of a domain order you can just call the GET domain endpoint of the explicit domain. This will give you the current state of the domain. In some cases a domain order might take a while due to a manual registration process or missing documents the owner has to provide first. In the worst case the domain could be in this status for some days. Using GET domain this would mean a lot of requests to the API - not comfortable for both of us.

Instead you could just call the GET notification message endpoint where we are providing all information about pending orders, failed creates or transfers for a domain. We are still improving the system adding new use cases for the notification system on a daily basis. A current example where using the notification system makes sense would be that you want to register a whole bunch of domains. Just send them in - and request information on the domain orders over the notification system afterwards.

  1. Transaction or order
  2. Message issued to the notification system
  3. Receive message from notification system
  4. Act on behalf of message (e.g. revalidate DNS records)
  5. Delete message from notification system

When ordering a domain via the POST domain endpoint we are responding with a success message unless there is an error in the request form. The actual outcome of the domain order will be available for you in the notification system.

Whenever you call the GET notification endpoint you will receive the oldest unread message for your API user. It's called the First- In-First-Out - principle. You will always recieve this oldest message until you delete it with the DELETE notification endpoint which acts like a "mark as read". Now you are ready for the next message. Just GET the notification endpoint again and you will receive the second oldest message.

Type Action Status Message when fired
domain create success Domain registration successful Fired after successful registration of a domain
domain create error Domain registration failed Fired after registration of a domain has failed. For more information please refer to the log in your customer area
domain update success Domain update successful Fired after successful modification of a domain
domain update error Domain update failed Fired after the modification of a domain failed
Transfer to your account
domain transfer success Domain transfer successful Fired after the successful transfer of a domain into your account
domain transfer error Domain transfer failed Fired after the transfer of a domain into your account failed
Transfer away
domain release success Domain release successful Fired after the successful transfer out of a domain
domain release pending Domain release is pending Fired after the start of a domain transfer out
domain release error Domain release failed Fired after the transfer out of a domain failed
domain release denied Domain transfer was denied Fired after the transfer out of a domain was denied due to it not being released beforehand
Transfer away
domain delete success Domain delete successful Fired after the successful deletion of a domain
domain delete error Domain delete failed Fired after the deletion of a domain failed